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At the very least, this flea market is great for meeting creative types, grabbing a snack and just strolling around browsing through funky jewelry and indie fashion.In the winter and spring, you can also avoid the skinny jeans crowd by checking out the Chelsea Pop Up one.Bass’s father, Ben Bass, opened his store on Fourth Avenue, a part of a strip of bookstores called “Book Row,” for 0 in 1927, about ,400 today.During the depression, he was so broke from his used book business that he put his son and daughter into foster care in the East Village, according to the New York Times.Bass also added three pop-up locations around Manhattan.“He had this thing of trying to buy everything he could,” Bass says in a video for Strand, about his father’s buying strategies.

Amazon has done its part in taking away business from the bookstore chains that have excelled at the latter, like Borders and Barnes & Noble.His son, Fred, went to work for his father shelving and buying books.Eventually he took over the store with a voracious appetite for book-buying and expanded it. The Apple Store There are a few Apple Stores in New York City, but I recommend two in particular: the one near Lincoln Center, located on Broadway and 67th street, and the one down in Soho at Prince Street between Greene and Mercer. OR you could do something unexpected, something unorthodox, something wildly unpredictable and check out these surprising places where you can snag a date in NYC.

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