Ssh error validating server certificate

In the Host certificate section, select "Use host certificate" (new in version 7.2), select the Use the following certificate radio button.For Private key, click the Browse button and select the .p12 file that you created in step 2.We were aware that many people were waiting for a 1.0 before using Subversion, and had very specific expectations about the meaning of that label. The client and server are designed to work as long as they aren't more than one major release version apart. Our client/server interoperability policy is documented in the "Compatibility" section of the Subversion Community Guide.

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The steps to configure Reflection for Secure IT UNIX Client depend on whether the Reflection for Secure IT UNIX Client and the PKI Services Manager are installed on different machines or on the same machine.

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For background information on this topic, read About Trusted Root CA Certificates.

Note: You need to add the Trusted Root CA certificate only if it is not already available on the client.

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