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”, and I responded, “Oh, I’m not teaching, so I don’t have one”. You see, teachers have been using Mafia in their classrooms—just like I was—for years. She followed up with, “Well, what about professionally? It’s a fun party game in which lots of us saw potential for language acquisition. WAY better.) At the end of the post, read about two non-violent versions of the game.

He was going to demonstrate it for a group of Chinese teachers, and they were looking for some non-Mandarin speakers to participate. (For example, when he said the word for “who”, Cathy Scurlock (a Spanish teacher from Nebraska) had to say “Hoo-hoo”, like an owl.) These simple tricks did much to support our comprehension. They need not only to understand what the question word means but also to know how to answer the question word. ” means “where” and the student answers with a place.My students practice in asking and answering questions.I mean, I loved Mafia before, but this was awesome. As Ben narrated, you were hoping and hoping that he wouldn’t say his name, and wondering whose name he would say next.

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