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This week is all about how to upgrade your Sexual Operating System so your intimate relationship is the source of lifelong fulfillment and satisfaction, for you and your partner. This is thanks to our built-in instinctive procreative imperative which is driven by base survival needs within Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Think of awareness as the “interrupt” to the unconscious programming of the S. And in that space you may briefly glimpse what it means to be fully self-actualized and transcend your day to day experience. actually prevents this from happening and that is the fundamental source of relationship breakdown. Here’s what we did: The above represent the non-gender-specific, S. This made it easier for me to focus on, and be fully present for, my partner and to slow way down so she has adequate time to warm up. will doom them to eventual relationship failure, or at best, an unfulfilling life together if left unchecked. This means that at some level, most relationship behavior is unconsciously reactive. The details of which are covered extensively in the previous article. that allows you to insert new, more empowering, “code.” The next step is being very clear about what you really want out of your intimate relationship and Being in a great intimate relationship can be one of the most profound experiences that a human being can have. You are authentically and vulnerably sharing your most intimate thoughts, feelings and experiences with a partner who is doing the same with you. As a fully impotent male (yep, can’t get it up to save my life), my S. For example, I no longer have a sense of urgency that comes over most men when they have an erection.When an employee terminates employment before returning from a Maternity/Parental leave without pay, report a Status Change (STS) transaction to provide the date of birth or adoption of the child (if not previously reported).The date of birth/adoption is required to calculate leave without pay deficiencies and must be reported as soon as the date is known.He completed the New Warrior Training Adventure in 2012.To learn more about Michael’s work you can visit his website, tune in to his podcast, or watch his TEDx Talk.Go to Michael Russer to explore the possibility of having Michael speak at your next event.

This is a system so powerful it affects who we choose as a mate, how we interact with them, and whether or not the relationship will last. I may be going out on a limb here, but I am proposing that when intimacy becomes the gateway to this highest form of human experience, this is what most people seek from their life partner relationship—whether they are fully conscious of this need or not. So if you are with me so far and would like to explore what it takes to achieve this highest state within your relationship and have it continue to grow and blossom over time, read on. And in so doing helped us and I achieve levels of emotional, physical and even spiritual intimacy beyond what is conventionally (within the context of a typical S. So if you are the kind of guy that can get hard just thinking about a pretty woman, this can be a bit of a hurdle to overcome. makes us think and feel that our ultimate sexual experience is release through climax and ejaculation (remember the procreative imperative).Whether you’re an avid foodie, a nature lover, adventure junkie or just want to dare yourself to try something more unconventional and exciting, we’ve got plenty of date ideas that’ll keep your love interest hooked for sure! Marriage is an option you can participate in Trio of Towns.When it comes to dating, a simple movie and dinner is great for a first date.But, if you want to explore the different sides to your potential partner, then it’s always good to do something new together every once in a while to spice up your dating life!

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