Slovakia dating rituals

These findings were composed of tools and artefacts - over time, these useful objects became more and more refined and thus became what we call today's folk art.

The tradition of folk art and crafts has been handed down through the generations and is supported by ULUV, The Centre for Folk Art Production.

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Inspired by the Helegian philosophy, he developed the concept of Slovakian romanticism, whose main characteristics are the pre-eminence of patriotic thought and the attachment to popular traditions.

There are 12 state scientific libraries in Slovakia, 473 libraries affiliated with universities and institutions of higher learning, and 2,600 public libraries.

The University Library in Bratislava, founded in 1919, contains more than 2 million volumes and is the country's most important library.

The emergence of culture and of Slovak national literature came late in the European context.

Elements of the Slovakian spoken language appeared in literary texts during the centuries preceding the 18th century, but Anton Bernolak (1762-1813) was the first who attempted to create a literary language.

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