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and other states expanded the laws over the years — they are now public record and include teenagers who had consensual sex, people arrested for public urination, people who had convictions expunged at the request of their victims, and people like Webb who have no felony convictions. Convicted sex offenders don't generate much public sympathy, but research in the last two decades shows they might not be very effective.

Webb's face, address, conviction, physical description, birth date and job location pop up if you plug in his name or the ZIP code where he lives. And higher courts recently called registries harsh and unconstitutional, including a ruling last month that says parts of For many, there is also a question of fundamental fairness when, for example, a 19-year-old is convicted of having sex with his underage girlfriend or somebody convicted of public urination is grouped on the same list as a serial rapist.'s expansive definition of who should be on the sex offender registry is fair to people like Webb.

It has meant a decade of poverty, unemployment, harassment and depression for him.

Under current state law, he'll be on the list until 2031., most of which appear on the state online sex offender registry managed by the State Police.

"Not that there was anything I could do, but it helps to know."Sex offender registry laws were first passed in the 1990s following a string of horrific child murders.

The registries were originally accessible only by police, allowing them to track the most dangerous offenders.

The sex offender law "was not enacted as a trap for individuals who have committed sex offenses in the past and who have already served their sentences.

The registries are widely monitored by parents, potential employers and cautious neighbors.I’m honored just to be a part of it,” according to his indictment. Although Florida’s sex offender registry lists Freeman’s status as released, his listed address is at the Santa Rosa County Jail. The charges were filed after investigators infiltrated the network. In a Daily News story March 8, it was reported that Freeman also was a registered sex offender who served as the executive director of a campaign to reform Megan’s Law and change sex offender registration requirements. After losing his job at the church and serving his time, he found himself unable to resume a productive life.The then-15-year-old girl who made the claims against Webb was a family member of a cleaning crew that worked at the church and school.

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