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First, we’ll need to get two identical objects representing a DNS record.

In this case, I’m pulling a DNS record for my My SQL server.

server 2016 dns timestamp not updating-39

Aging and Scavenging is a DNS server service which supports a mechanism for performing clean-up and removal of stale resource records which can accumulate in zone data over time.

DNS Scavenging is to cleanup and removal of stale DNS records, like housekeeping activity to delete unwanted or unused DNS entries in DNS server/zone, it only cleanup the dynamic DNS record not the record created manually Also Read: Windows DNS Server Interview Questions and Answers What is Dynamic DNS record?

The record created dynamically by client/server on DNS zone, automatically added to zones when computers start on the network Also Read: Windows Server Administrator Interview Questions and Answers How to force the DNS Dynamic Update?

(Dynamic updates of record) Every DNS record time stamp been updated While the time of computer restart A periodic refresh is sent by the computer every 24 hours Network services make refresh attempts, like DHCP servers, which renew client address, cluster servers, which register and update records for a cluster, and the Net Logon service, which can register and update resource records that are used by AD domain controllers So that the record not taken as a stale DNS record Also Read: Active Directory real time issues and solutions What is Scavenging servers?

Is DNS Scavenging configured in all Domain Controllers?

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