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The show debuted on NBC as a mid-season replacement and ran for nine seasons and 201 episodes.

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They also established the supporting characters of the series more, giving them actual personalities. Steve and Rainn are brilliant improvisers." Deleted scenes have sometimes been restored in repeats to make episodes longer or draw back people who have seen the episode before to see the bonus footage.

," a scene featured Michael going through a long process to go to the bathroom and not pass by Stanley.

The producers debated whether that was possible and Einhorn walked through the whole scene in order to see if a camera man could get to all the places in time to shoot the whole scene.

He did not continue watching for fear that he would start copying Gervais' characterizations.

Other people who were considered or auditioned for the role included Ben Falcone, Alan Tudyk, Jim Zulevic, and Paul F. Rainn Wilson was cast as power-hungry sycophant Dwight Schrute, and he watched every episode of the British series before he auditioned.

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