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Due to the sheer size of the deep web and the depth of the information it contains, there’s no real clear-cut way to access it. As mentioned earlier, below the deep web is the dark web which can only be accessed by the Tor browser.

There are different methods by which you access your email address, social media accounts or online portals, depending on the links you click in the process, the redirects you encounter, the content you enter, etc. A strict set of guidelines ought to be followed to ensure your activities on the dark web remain anonymous since Tor usage is often subject to monitoring by authorities and also occasionally has vulnerabilities that can leak your real IP address.

Google then scans the data and renders the content to send to Google’s index servers.

Google’s indexing system begins with a process called “crawling.”Imagine a virtual robot spider that starts at the home page and then crawls to and from all the pages on the site that can be accessed by clicking all the links.Under the mask of anonymity, they can communicate classified information to journalists to expose the wrongdoings.Prolific whistleblowers like Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning used this route to share classified documents.When crawling and indexing pages, Google’s bot system prefers URLs that follow a simple directory structure; that is, a site’s main content should not be more than two subdirectory levels below the main domain of the site.One way to visualize this concept is comparing it to a file-storing folder hierarchy—you don’t want to organize your desktop files in a way that would be too complicated with multiple routes and directions; that will completely defeat the purpose. In the case where passwords are needed, standard browsers cannot bypass this stage since the information contained is highly confidential and so is the need to protect it.

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