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By the time the dust finally settled, at least 13 people had been killed while another 18 were left battling for their lives after sustaining serious injuries.While various theories as to the reason behind the gruesome attack emerged in the hours and days following the tragedy, the overwhelming consensus appears to tilt towards the fact that the massacre was a fallout of a feud between two drug cartels of Nigerian origin based in South Africa.Philips Catholic Church in the community while an early morning mass was going on.Without blinking an eye and minding the sanctity of the environment they were in, the men opened fire on worshippers – among them the very old and little children.“From my enquiry, the chairman of the union is neutral on the matter and he had made several efforts to ensure that the crisis was settled amicably.” Speaking further, the source told that the drug war was connected to the death of a young man from Imo State named Ginika, who he claims was one of Bishop’s most trusted allies but defected to a rival gang known as Obrocha.“Some gangsters killed Ginika in an unrelated issue and the Imo State community made sure they were jailed. “Then there was another guy from Umuleri in Anambra State that was killed at a church in Johannesburg.Also commenting on the situation, Spokesperson for the Vaud Cantonal Police in Switzerland, Jean-Christophe Sauterel, said, “The Nigerian networks are organised.

At about am, a gang of young men wielding guns and other dangerous weapons stormed St.He was rumoured to be friends with the ones in prison, who claimed that Bishop set them up and sent them to jail so that he could take over the place they used to sell drugs.“They demanded three things from Ozubulu community in South Africa before there could be peace.In 2015, the peace of the city of Toronto, one of Canada’s largest cities, was punctured when law enforcement officers busted a sophisticated car theft cartel operated by members of the Black Axe cult group popularly known as Aye.Following their arrest, it was discovered that the gang had stolen over 500 luxury cars valued at m.

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