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, a TLC series which documented a group of tattoo artists, their work, and the usual reality-show conflict and drama.

Like Kylie, Kat has an instantly recognizable, highly-stylized aesthetic.

She’s perhaps best recognized for the spray of stars around her eyes, a motif which shows up frequently in her beauty products. While Kat lore has long held that the Motley Crue song “Starry Eyes” inspired at least the first few stars, in her book she says she added to them because her ex-husband and fellow tattoo artist Oliver Peck once told her to stop tattooing her face. One of her best-selling products, a liquid eyeliner, is called Tattoo Liner.

Kat was born in Mexico; she’s fluent in Spanish and identifies as Latina.

Her parents are from Argentina and her father’s family originally hails from Germany.

Her father is a doctor and she grew up with a conservative background as a member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, where her parents were missionaries.

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