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You can still see some of the granite set into the ground. An finally – in complete contrast to the vast majority of the walk – the brilliant greens and soft landscapes around South Brent and the South Hams beyond came into view, drawing us on to the minibus at Shipley Bridge (thank you Mr Dell! Today’s tally: 13 miles (and I forgot to look at the time).One of the best things about these long walks (apart from the company, obviously!Stanwick Camp was an important 1st century trading and administrative centre for the Brigantes tribe.It seems almost certain that a Saxon church was established within the earthworks of the camp after the Roman's left.Dartmoor looked stunningly beautiful the whole day.We crossed the West Dart river (view downstream below), and then the Swincombe via Fairy Bridge.The most interesting historical aspect of the interior is a set of 17th and 18th century funerary monuments to members of the Smithson family.There is also a 13th century sedilla and 3 worn medieval effigies in the south aisle.

From Vellake Corner the beautiful West Okement river is followed upstream.Spare the time to explore the Iron Age earthworks, which are quite impressive. St John's Church Address: Stanwick, Yorkshire, England, DL11 7RT Attraction Type: Historic Church Location: 7 miles north of Richmond off the B6274.In the centre of Stanwick Camp Iron Age settlement (English Heritage) Website: Stanwick.There are several fragments of a hogback memorial dating to the early 10th century and other 9th and 10th century grave fragments.St John's church is no longer used for regular worship and is in the care of the Churches Conservation Trust.

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