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That way your experience won't suffer and you'll be able to get the satisfaction later.16.) Body Equipment | G1600 | List of all body equipment. 22.) Bazaar Items | G2200 | List of all bazaar items. 26.) Status Effects | G2600 | The Good VS The Bad = Ashe wins!17.) Accessories | G1700 | List of all accessories. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 23.) Magicks | G2300 | List of all magic spells. 27.) Experience Chart | G2700 | Amount of EXP needed for next level.=============================================================================== =============================================================================== 01.) LATEST UPDATES - G0100 =============================================================================== =============================================================================== - Version Nice Ashe (27th February 2011) # Wow, it's been more than four years since I made the guide. This guide was made with the purpose of providing you, the player, with everything as soon as it was made available.But I failed to take into consideration that this may lead to some frustrating experiences, like beating Marilith and Ring Wyrm marks as soon as possible.

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