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Young children were entertained as they watched the husky deliveryman unload a heavy block of ice with large tongs and carry the shiny block of ice into their parents’ or a neighbor’s house.The hatch that was usually on top of the ice box was opened, and the block was carefully slid into the slot.Whatever we knew about milkmen we learned from old black and white movies: A man with a white starched shirt and wearing a hat delivered bottled milk to your front porch!

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It was a time when she waited the mailman, the iceman (for her icebox, before electric refrigerators made their debut), the laundry driver and, of course, the milkman.By the time of World War II in the 1940s, residents of Inner Southeast could afford their own motor vehicles, and they wanted the freedom to shop various stores to compare prices and products.Milkmen slowly began to disappear, and the rattle of glass bottles and idling trucks were no longer heard outside of your house during the early morning hours. Customers would call in their orders by phone, and in the afternoon Geri or his brother would load desired products into the truck and deliver them right to customers’ homes.They returned to the Welch Store after noon, loaded all of the requested supplies and food into a wagon, and delivered it all to customers before sundown.Drivers for Welch Grocery eventually ventured as far as Woodstock and even into the Lents community filling orders, along rough and winding roads that took young drivers hours to reach by horse and wagon.

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