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Surprised that these agencies still exist, she continues, "I think it was a good business after the revolution because of the low self-esteem of Czech women, [but] now you don't have to sell yourself to some idiot." After the fall of communism following the 1989 Velvet Revolution, mail order bride agencies across the region experienced a boom as women were sought to flee poverty and a proudly anti-feminist, according to Marta Kolářová, associate scholar at the Institute of Sociology in Prague."Poverty and unemployment can be a push-factor for women in the post-Soviet bloc to search for such an opportunity," said Kolářová.Her agency, along with others that provide Western men with a picture catalogue of Eastern European women to choose from, has been criticized by professional Czech women."It's disgusting," said Lenka Treglová, a journalist for Ona, a women's weekly supplement of the leading Czech newspaper Mladá Fronta Dnes, a leading Czech newspaper.

For the first eight months, Justinová headed to her office in tears because business was so slow, she said shaking her head while sipping on the vegetable soup she ordered for lunch.

Her success seems to reflect a trend in the mail order bride business.

There are at least seven of these agencies operating out of Prague alone.

Justinová further asserts that Russian and Ukrainian women are trying to flee their countries for financial reasons.

Czech women, on the other hand, do not register for the same reasons.

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