Bull sex fakes

Young women's acting often tricks young men because guys with limited sexual experience may not recognize the pelvic muscle contractions of real female orgasms.

But men's orgasms produce visible evidence, semen, so how can men fake it? Men thrust and moan, and then deftly discard the condom before the women notice there's nothing in it.

Over the past 40 years, many surveys have asked women if they've ever faked an orgasm, and consistently, half to two-thirds (53 percent to 65 percent) have said yes they have at least once. While not a nationally representative sample, the participants included a reasonable demographic cross-section of college students: largely white, but some Asian, Hispanic, and African-American, and largely heterosexual, but some gay/lesbian or bi.

Most faking took place during vaginal intercourse (55 percent of the women, 80 percent of the men), but some occurred during oral sex (8 percent, 11 percent), or other unspecified sexual play (37 percent, 8 percent).

They wanted to avoid hurting the partner's feelings: 69 percent and 47 percent. Is anything about faking different for older lovers? A lot of the symptoms are identical, orgasm took to long, and I didn't want to hurt my partners feelings.

They felt bored, or tired, or sleepy, or no longer in the mood for sex: 56 percent and 72 percent. I knew that the reason I wasn't getting off was that I had a lack of sensitivity (symptom of porn addiction), she thought it was because I didn't find her attractive (she had a very sensitive self-image) I loved the physical intimacy, touching, kissing, being close, etc. issues, performance anxiety issues, and so if faking an orgasm was an option I would have embraced it.

Perhaps when you are older you have more fake orgasm... I do not feel guilty or worry about just happend and that's all.

I am in my fifties she is on her thirties, I am not anymore a bull-sex so this is the first reason.

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