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The real hidden message of the film is a metaphorical struggle against Soviet oppression.

Wajda seems to suggest this by quoting Szczepanski(1944): "...

The actors had to wander there and forth in welded bathtubs full of water for several weeks.

In order not to contract pneumonia, all of them had to drink vodka after getting out of the water.

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" (1) Indeed the resolution suggests the Stalinist Inferno is far from over.

Those who have tried to bring light to the world suffer a Promethean fate.

What seems remarkable to me is the positive spirit, humor, and love of life that most of the characters display in the face of their passage into the underworld.

There is additional irony (humorous to me), for example, that the composer attempts to play a particularly patriotic Chopin, but is then ordered to play "something with feeling:" an inane dance tune.

(By the way, the Beckstein piano that the composer tries to protect was made by a company that provided Hitler with crucial early support.)It is also remarkable that such a dark, almost anti-heroic view of combatants was made only 12 years after the event.

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