Boing boing video dating

In August 2007, Boing Boing staff launched a redesigned site, which included a restored comment facility, moderated by Teresa Nielsen Hayden.

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Common topics and themes include technology, futurism, science fiction, gadgets, intellectual property, Disney, videos of people getting hurt in accidents, and left-wing politics.

In 2008, the "guest blogger" series was resumed, with guests posting in the main blog for two-week periods.

Guests have included Charles Platt, John Shirley, Mark Dery, Tiffany Lee Brown, Karen Marcelo of Survival Research Laboratories, Johannes Grenzfurthner of monochrom, Rudy Rucker, Gareth Branwyn, Wiley Wiggins, Jason Scott of, Jessamyn West of, journalists Danny O'Brien and Quinn Norton and comedian John Hodgman.

Xeni Jardin posted the first one (titled "And now, we pause for a Unicorn Moment.") in August 2003 as a reply to a picture of a rash posted by editor Mark Frauenfelder in an attempt to get readers to diagnose it for him.

It has also been used as an antidote for posts containing photos of a brain tumor, a man who pumped up the skin of his face with saline solution, many different ways to clean one's earwax, and a lengthy discussion of the Internet video "2 Girls 1 Cup".

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