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After this, we still give you room for options: our sizes range from a quarter inch to two inches, and our fire glass comes in various colors for further aesthetic appeal.

When starting any fireplace or fire pit project, it is important to ask yourself, “What design am I going for?

Regardless of the name, all of our fire pit glass is safe to use with either in the US for over twenty years, and it’s still burning bright.

Starfire Direct is always updating our website with new options.

” and “How can I achieve that goal accurately and efficiently?

” or even For any new propane or natural gas burner project, the desired aesthetic must be carefully considered as different glass styles bring different glass fire results.

Fire beads are similarly smooth and rounded and they create a striking contrast against the rising flame. Beyond the choices listed above, Starfire Direct also offers: With so many varieties of fire pit glass rocks and fireplace glass rocks, Starfire Direct surely has one that is ideal for your home or business.While they do both offer reflective characteristics, our reflective firepit glass is still considered a more premium product when compared.Our half inch fireglass is just as popular as the quarter inch fireglass and it is not hard to see why.It is also possible to mix colors, which creates an eye-catching effect for any water feature or fire pit near a pool.First and foremost, our eco glass is earth-friendly.

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