Armory not updating 2016 sextuple indexing for semantic web data management

The future of the wallet at this time seems extremely uncertain, as the announcement post raises a lot of doubts on how it will continue on, even with a single developer trying to keep it alive and the issues with the business side of the wallet continue to persist.In addition the core bitcoin code is evolving at a rapid pace and for wallets, such as Armory, that can’t keep up will be left behind and more than likely will be forced to shut down.I’m proud that I was able to build and maintain such a loyal and devoted team to our mission.In immediate future, Farhod (goatpig) has indicated that he will take over the reigns of the public side of the Armory project.This method is not as accurate and no where near as fast as using a normal armory lookup, so it is a last resort that hopefully is never used. Win XP will likely NOT work with the new armory API, even if you use a key.The SSL library on XP doesn't seem to be compatible with the code we are using.He also has my utmost confidence and trust, and demonstrated a selfless passion for growing Armory for the sake of the Bitcoin community.Armory may be revived in the future, but in the short-term the rest of team has to move on without it.

In the announcement Reiner says that he had hoped to make a more positive post today to the community about the future of Armory, but due to business complexities, legal issues, and bad management of the business side of the project, it has left the wallet unsustainable and is unable to continue on.

After spending 80% of the last year primarily dealing with business operations, I welcome a return to the life of being a software guru, which is where my skill really lies.

I also want to thank the other developers who were so loyal that they stuck around through missed payrolls way longer than any “regular employee” would.

We have already taken measures to mitigate #1, such as adding in throttling of api requests when importing more than 1 person in a simulation.

Instead of allowing the client to grab characters as quickly as it can, we have added in a 0.25 second throttle in-between each character.

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